Windshield Cover

We’ve all been there in the winter, scraping the windshield. If you’re well prepared you have a nice long scraper and gloves, but if you are unprepared you’re freezing your hands trying to scrape the frozen stuff away with a CD case or your driver’s license. Either way the windshield ice is an annoyance of winter. The folks at Auto Expressions have introduced the Weekend Warrior Windshield Cover — will it save the day on those cold winter mornings?
Real World Testing
While I park the cars I care about inside my garage, the pickup truck gets to spend the winter out in the elements. Luckily it’s a tough truck so it doesn’t complain complain, but if it snows during the night the windshield requires a full scraping in the morning, and that’s when I start complaining. Scraping the windshield is really not the way most of us want to start out the day, before coffee, and maybe already running late. So when I saw the Winter Warrior Windshield Cover I thought it might really make a big difference in my winter morning. You can tell the folks at Auto Expressions put a lot of thought into the product because it goes on nicely by closing it in both doors. The cover also comes with a carrying case attached, so when folded up it is easy to store. The design of the product may appear well thought out, but in actual use it fell short of expectations. When I came out to the truck in the morning the cover seemed to have done its job well. But when I went to peel it off the windshield it was frozen to the glass. I guess my windshield was damp when I placed it on there or water dripped from on top of the truck. The reason it was stuck to the windshield is not really the problem, it’s the fact that it is stuck. After pulling it pretty hard it was freed, but my bet would be after about a month of having to do this the plastic/nylon material it is made out of would start to shred. On top of the pain of pulling it off there was now a thin film of ice that had to either be scraped off, or wait for the defroster to heat up and melt it — both defeat the purpose of having a cover on your windshield. Not a great product.
So while this may have been a good idea at some point, it looks like they need to go back to the drawing board.






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