Who Moved My storage Battery?

Maintenance of the Automobile Battery in winter
When driving a car in winter, lots of people has the same feeling that the storage battery was just filled up, why it died that quickly? It feels like your battery was stolen by someone. This is a common problem for many car owners. What’s the reason for it? The reason is that the low temperature in cold weather makes battery capacity lower than normal condition. Therefore, maintenance of the storage battery is very important in the winter. Today this article will talk about the car maintenance in the winter.
Why storage battery died?
After turning off the engine, some components and function is still running
Many car owners think that after turning off the electronic door, their cars are de-energized. In fact, many devices are still running. For example, vehicle anti-theft system comes to operation right after closing the car door. The power consumption is less than headlamp, but after several weeks, if the storage battery didn’t have so much energy, it would run out very soon.
Precaution for using storage battery in winter
1. If the storage battery was used for a long time, it would discharge slowly until scrapping. So you have to start the car and charge the battery.
2. Avoiding parking your car on open-parking ground for a long time. If you have to, please remove the storage battery, preventing it from scrapping.
3. The power of storage battery can be check at the instrument panel. When ammeter shows that power is lacking, please charge it up in time.
4. When the electrolyte is not enough, you should replenish it with distilled water or dedicated fluid replacement. By all means, avoid using potable water, because purified water has multiple micro elements which may cause bad influence on the storage battery.
5. Cleaning the binding post every once in a while, grease it in order to protect wire harness. Checking the accessories and circuits storage batter frequently.
6. Checking the hole in the storage battery cover is opening or not during the daily driving. If the hole was blocked, the hydrogen and oxygen can’t pump out, and then the electrolyte expands, burst the battery shell. This would influence the longevity of the battery.
7. Avoiding using electric appliance after the car is off. It would cause damage to the battery, if you use it after the engine is off.
8. Generally, the longevity of car storage battery is 2 to 3 years. However, modified cars usually depreciate the longevity of the storage battery. It’s necessary to check if the battery function well.
Specific methods to maintain the storage battery
1. Using wet cloth to scrub the surface of the battery, also clean the dirt, oil stain, white powder in the binding post which may cause leakage. If you insist in doing that, the longevity of the battery will expand than your expectations.
2. Opening the lid of the battery to check if the water stage is at normal position. Generally, there is upper and lower limit on the side of the battery for you reference. If you find out that the water stage below the lower limit, you must add distilled water. While water stage shouldn’t surpass the upper limit, the most appropriate water stage is in the middle of upper and lower limit.
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