What External Maintenance on a Car You Can Do Yourself

DIY Car Maintenance: Replace Wiper Blades
Replacing the wiper blades is very simple. Just lift up on the arm. Put a piece of cardboard here to protect the windshield in case the wiper slams back down. There’s a small clip, squeeze it in, and remove the blade. And then, of course, reverse the process, clips in and lower it down gently.
DIY Car Maintenance: Check Tire Pressure and Fix Scratches
Another thing that you can do by yourself is to check your tire’s air pressure. You’ll need a gauge, it’s about two dollars. What you do is take the gauge and press it up against the tire valve and you get the reading. And to know the proper amount that you’ll need, look inside the driver’s door jam and there should be a label there telling you how much pressure to put into your front tires and how much air pressure to out into the rears.
Another thing that you could do is to remove small scratches or scuff marks from your car by using some polishing compound. After you’re done polishing out the scratch, it’s a good idea to seal it by using a wax.
DIY Car Maintenance: Change Tail Lights
Another thing that you might consider doing is replacing a tail light bulb. On some cars it’s relatively easy if there’s access to the bulb. You’d open up the trunk, look at the back of the light and find a socket for the bulb. The way you would know that a bulb is out on a car is either if someone checks with you to see in fact they’re all working or not.
Or, with regard to your blinkers or directional, you notice that the signal on the dashboard, on the instrument panel, is blinking rapidly, more rapidly than the other side. That would indicate that one bulb is out. On this particular car it’s pretty easy to change the bulb. Just turn, socket, push down on the bulb, turn it counter clockwise and remove the bulb. And then, of course, to reverse it, put it back in.
On some cars to remove the bulb from the tail light is very difficult. You have to remove a lot of components to access it. So, in that case I think it’s better off leaving it for a mechanic.
DIY Car Maintenance: Lubricate Door Hinges
Another easy thing for you to do on your car would be to lubricate the door hinges and the hood hinges. In order to do that you’ll need white lithium grease, preferably in a spray. As far as dents or body work, leave it to the professionals its very complex.






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