What Equipment Your Car Need to Change in Late Autumn?

How time flies! We are in the changeover period between autumn and winter in the twinkling of an eye. People on the street all put on winter clothes. However, people need change outfit, so does a car. It is not changing “clothe” but change car maintenance ways. Car maintenance should change accord to the seasons. So what equipment the car need to change in late autumn? Let me list them for you.
Changing car’s cushion in late autumn
Cushion is the “best friend” with the owner. Therefore, in late autumn, the first equipment you should change is car’s cushion. Taking off the flax, silk or bamboo cushion, replace them with fluff mat, artificial wool mat, pure wool mat or Australian wool mat which suit for autumn.
Changing car’s antifreezing solution in late autumn
Most of the vehicle owners like to use tap water instead of antifreezing solution. In autumn, the temperature differs a lot between morning and evening which may have influence on the car’s cooling system. So you should change tap water to antifreezing solution in time.
Checking car’s storage battery in late autumn
The electrode terminal of storage battery is most likely to go wrong. If you find green oxide in the terminal, using boiled water to wash it off. These green oxides would cause low battery or insufficient voltage. If it is severe, it may scrap the storage battery.
Maintaining the air-condition in the late autumn
Low temperature would cause frost. So in late autumn, you should pay special attention to the defrosting air outlet work fine. If there is problem, you should fix it right away. Otherwise, it may cause insecurity factors for driving.
Replenishing car’s tire pressure in late autumn
When the temperature drops, you need to replenish tire pressure. In order to make it stay in the required air pressure rate. In the meantime, you should check if there is scratch in the tire, because rubber would harden in the cold weather which makes tire more easily to be punctured. In this case, you need to check the attrition rate of the tire tread. If the tire tread is less than 1.6 mm, the tire needs to be changed. Besides, repaired tire should be put at rear and if it has been repaired for 3 times, you should change it with the new one.
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