Protecting your car and windshield during the winter

During cold days it’s important to not only take care of yourself and your family, but also your car.
Among the many things you need to do, one thing is keeping your windshield clean.
During the winter if your car is outside it suffers through cold air, ice and snow. Your windshield is the most exposed and there are some things you should never do to it.
“Definitely don’t ever want to put hot water or luke warm water or anything on your windshield because it will crack your windshield,” Ramon Zalce who is the Store Manager at O’Reilly Auto Parts said.
“It’s good not to put straight water in your windshield washer fluid, we’ve seen issues with that,” Mike Terry who is a Service Advisor at Barney’s Auto Service said.
But there are some ways to protect your windshield.
Among the many new products to protect your car this winter the Frost and Ice Shield allows you to spray it on your car before you go to sleep at night and then in the morning you can use your wiper fluid to clean it off.
You can also purchase a car blanket which is similar to a sun shade you use during the summer. It fits around the outside of your car, then in the morning you just pull it off and none of the ice or snow is stuck to your windshield.
Another thing you can do for your car is protect your side view mirrors by taking a plastic grocery bag…wrapping it around the mirror then in the morning just pull it off and your mirror should be clean.
If you do get a crack in your windshield you should get it fixed immediately, but until then you can…
“Cover it up with a piece of Scotch tape, avoid putting the defrosters directly on the windshield, put the heater on in the car help(s) to warm up the car gradually,” Bill Medina who is the Owner of Bill’s Auto Glass said.
Another piece of advice for driving in the ice and snow this winter.
“If you have no experience driving in the icy and the cold weather, allow yourself some time to brake,” Zalce said.
One more thing you may want to get is some rock salt to use around your car so you don’t fall while cleaning it off.






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