Procedures to change your motor oil

Oil is the lifeblood that circulates through the engine, it not only lubricates engine components but also serves as a coolant for critical engine parts. Your motor oil is a chemical cocktail on par with prescription drugs. Up to 25 percent of oil is made up of additives which enable oil to perform its magic properties. They extend the viscosity range of the oil, allow it to withstand high pressures and loads, handle contaminants in the crankcase, and reduce friction for improved fuel economy. Over time, your oil gradually lose its function and your filter becomes clogged with contaminants. So when your Oil Life Monitoring System warns you of oil breaking down, it’ time for you to change it.
The process is simple-draining the oil, replacing the oil filter and adding new oil.
Jack up your car and let your car heat up a bit to warm the oil. Warm oil helps the drainage to be quick and thorough. Then Open the hood and remove the oil cap. Find the oil pan which is a flat metal pan closer to the engine than the transmission under the car. It should have a plug toward the bottom that needs to be removed, too. You will wait several minutes for all the oil to drain out. Remember to install a replacement gasket or washer.
Locate the filter assembly, there are no fixed positions yet you can tell by its outlooks. Then unscrew it, here are two pieces of advice-placing a pan under the filter to catch the spilling oil, removing the rubber gasket ring if it sticks to the car. Smear some new replacement oil on the gasket to lubricate it. You can also pour a tiny amount of oil into the filter before the installment to help your car regain proper oil pressure. Carefully screw on the new filter, be careful of a cross threading.
Finally, you get to the move of the changing part. Add new oil to the car at the fill hole. Consult your owner’s manual or an expert for the amount and correct category. Now you can put the fill cap and the hood back on. Start the engine and run it for a minute or so to get the pressure up and ensure you’ve installed everything correctly. The last thing is to reset the oil change light, because it differs from car serial to car serial, you need to consult to your owner’s manual as for the specific steps.






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