Oil Leakage Problem

Have you ever noticed a puddle of oil under your car and wonder where it is coming from? In general, an oil leakage can be a sign of serious problems with an engine, or it can result from improper maintenance. Depending on the type and size of the leakage, engine performance could suffer or the vehicle may not even run. All in all, even a minor oil leak has the potential to become a major problem, and leaks should be located and repaired as soon as possible.
The precautions for car’s oil leakage.
1. Pay attention to the function of gasket.
The still components of the car (for example: joint end face, end cap, shell, and hood pad) use gasket to achieve leak proof and seal function. If the material, quality or installment doesn’t comply with the requirements, it makes no leak proof and seal function. Moreover, it may lead to an accident.
2. The fastening parts like nut should be tight up according to the required torque. Too loose, the gasket would leak oil; too tight, the metal around the screw hole would bulge which would also leak oil. Besides, if the drain plug in sump does not tighten up or it is loose and fell off, it would make engine oil leak and may lead to a mechanical failure accident.
3. Avoid blocking the one-way valve and vent valve. Because if it is blocked, the temperature of the tank would increase, making the tank be filled with oil gas which cannot be exhausted. All this would increase the pressure of the tank and consume more lubricating oil. Moreover, as a result of draught head, the weakness of the seal would leak oil. So you must do periodic check, dredge and cleaning.
Car maintenance points:
Assembling components under extremely clean condition, components should not have stumble, scratch, rag or other accretions; install sealing element correctly, avoiding it becoming deformed.
Mastering the performance specifications and operating requirements of the sealing element; changing failure components; using sealant, if necessary using oil paint to achieve ideal sealing effect; adding lubricating oil as required, cleaning and dredging one-way valve and vent valve periodically. Just do above points, the oil leakage problem can be totally fixed.
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