Maintenance guides on car air filters

Air filter filters the air flowing into the car’s intake systems. Every vehicle has an engine air filter, so for those vehicles equipped with cabin air filters, these two kinds of filters help keep the air “clean” for you and your car engine to “breathe”. Air filters are designed to absorb those pollutants or contaminants in the air. So, with time going on, gradually you’ll have the build-ups accumulated in your filters, choking off more and more air supply and cause the filters to clog. On the other hand, no matter how well the filters are maintained, eventually they will wear and break down.
In this short passage, we’ll offer you some tips on car air filter cleaning and replacement.
Air filter cleaning aims at those filters which can be reused, such as foam and cotton air filters. There are two methods of cleaning-washing and vacuuming. The soap approach might get the filter cleaner while it takes a lot more time and has a higher potential risk level. For vacuuming, it might not get so clean like the washing way, but it won’t do any harm. To begin with, you need to locate the filters. You can consult your manual or ask your mechanic or check the internet for the answer. Remove the filters. Then use the above ways to clean the filters. If you take the first washing method, allow the filters to air dry completely before reinstalling them. This is important because putting the filter back in wet can damage your engine. If your filters need to be replaced, after the older ones are removed, mount the new ones. So here comes another question, what kind of air filters or which model should I buy? Perhaps, the simplest answer is to buy one with the same model. Just take the old filter with you to the parts store when purchasing a new one. Or determine the exact model of the filter and engine size of your vehicle. Your owner’s manual will list the correct manufacturer part number for the air filter and any associated components that go with it. So just check your owner manual. If you know your vehicle’s name and engine size, you can also visit your local auto parts store. The parts store’s staff will generally be able to direct you to the correct air filter parts for your vehicle. Always, you can turn to your dealership. It is the easiest way yet the most assured one of purchasing the correct filter.
Some may wonder how long a car’s air filter can last. For this, there’s no definite answer. About replacement, some experts recommend an interval of 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers), along with changing the oil. In fact, that all depends, as is often the case with car parts, on how hard the car is driven and under what conditions. Your best bet, of course, is to consult the owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on type and frequency of replacement filter. In any case, it’s a smart and proactive policy to at least inspect the air filter every 6,000 miles (9,656 kilometers). It costs nothing to look, and it could save you from expensive repairs down the road.






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