Is it necessary to install tire pressure monitoring system?

Have you ever wondered if it is necessary to install tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for your car? Is there anything about TPMS we should know? This article will answer these questions.
If you car had a low flat tire,what would happen?
Keeping a normal tire pressure can make driving safer. An abnormal tire pressure can lead to serious consequences at any minutes.
1. Tire may blow up
A report released by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): tire pressure below 25 % of the standard values, the odds of tire blow up increase threefold; above 25%, the odds double.
2. Reducing brake performance
Excessive tire pressure result in less contact area between the tire trend and ground, reducing the degree of friction, eventually extend the braking distance.
3. Increasing fuel consumption
When tire pressure is too low, the contact area between the tire trend and ground increase, the friction and resistance increase too, so the fuel consumption increases.
4. Shorten the longevity of the tire
Excessive tire pressure makes the middle of tire trend over-worn; when tire pressure is too low, the sides of the tire trend over-worn. These situations will make the vehicle tire scrap in advance.
Therefore, back to the first question: is it necessary to install tire pressure monitoring system? The answer must be YES.
Tire for the car is like the feet to human. The tire is the cars’ only component contacting the ground. Driving force and braking force come from the tire, so the safety of the tire is crucial. While the tire pressure monitoring system would play a great part in ensure tire to remain in the best situation.
In conclusion, installing TPMS is essential, because undetected tire flat can result in serious consequences. If you want to avoid abnormal tire pressure in daily driving experience, checking the tire pressure frequently is the basic way. However, for those whose tire gets puncturing in the road, the air leak quietly. If it is left unattended, the tire would blow up in the end. A tire will be wasted. In this condition, have a tire pressure monitoring system is very significant. Nowadays, factory-fresh cars are seldom equipped with TPMS, but you can install it by yourself. The specialist suggests that if condition permit, a TPMS is quietly necessary.
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