How to Refold a Sun Shade

Automotive sun shades protect your car from harmful ultraviolet rays that dry out your upholstery and dashboard and cause them to deteriorate and crack. Sun shades also block heat, allowing your car to cool much quicker after sitting in the sun for several hours. Cooler air in your vehicle needs less time to recirculate through the air-conditioning system and cool the interior. Learning to fold a sun shade after removal from the windshield might take a little of practice, but soon becomes an easy task.
1. Raise both sun visors in the automobile up to the ceiling.
2. Pull the sun shade out of the window toward the seats.
3. Grasp the bottom-left corner and bottom-right corner with your left and right hands, respectively, with both thumbs pointing up.
4. Bring each hand in toward the center to fold the sun shade in half. Just before your wrists touch, rotate both hands toward each other in opposite directions. Rotate your right hand to the right and your left hand to the left. The sun shade will collapse into a circle on each end.
5. Fold one half of the sun shade over the other half so it is one round circle. Grasp the folder shade firmly in one hand to keep it closed. Place the elastic retainer string across the middle of the shade to hold it in place. Store the sun shade in a storage bag if it includes one, or store smaller sunshades that require two per window in the glove box.
Tips & Warnings
Keep a firm grasp on the sun shade when pushing it into a bag or placing the elastic retainer around it. If you release the shade before it is secured, it will pop open. This can be harmful, and it might hit you in the face.
Sun shades work best in the front windshield if you park facing the direction of the sun.
Practice folding your sun shade outdoors for more elbow room before trying to fold it in the car. You might have to fold sun shades outdoors if you drive a small vehicle.






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