How to Protect Your Windshield against Snow & Ice

The fresh-fallen snow on a wintry morning is beautiful, but it can also cause extra work for those whose cars were exposed to the snow and ice. Scraping and chipping the ice off the windshield costs not only precious time but also the extra gas needed to run the car with the defrosters. If you cannot store your car in a garage, there are steps you can take to protect your windshield from ice and snow. One method involves applying a solution to your windshield that prevents ice from forming. The other method makes use of a cover for your windshield that makes it easy to remove the ice and snow.
Anti-Icing Solution
1 Apply an anti-icing solution on your car’s windshield and other windows in anticipation of inclement weather. You can use a ready-made product such as Ice Free, originally developed by NASA to prevent ice buildup on airplane wings and now commercially available.
2 Turn on the windshield wipers after getting into the car. This will wipe away the snow and ice.
3 Use a squeegee to wipe the snow and ice off the other windows.
Windshield Covers
1 Affix a cover on your windshield before an expected snowstorm. This can be a product specifically manufactured for this purpose, a piece of cardboard, an old blanket or a plastic tarp. If using a specially designed cover, follow manufacturer’s directions. If using another material, tuck the sides into the car doors and under the wipers.
2 Peel off the cover when you are ready to drive. The snow and ice will come off along with the cover.
3 Ensure that you can safely see out your other windows before attempting to drive.






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