How to Make Your Car Last Longer

No car will last forever, but with some effort, any car can last a lot longer!
1. Plan your purchase! If you’re buying new, look for companies that have demonstrated quality and reliability in recent years. If you’re buying used, research both the car and the owner(s); pick their brain, look things up, run a Carfax. Either way, buy a car you will love and that fits your driving style
2. Do a proper break-in, no matter the maker say! No quick starts. No constant speeds. Also, no high speeds, no low. No short trips. Change the oil after the first 200–400 miles (320–640 km) (break-in period).
3. Do your research. Look for recalls and updates. Look for other owners with the same car. Heed advice and get the needed work done, STAT!
4. Do your maintenance. When it comes to the oil, do it even more often than recommended, trust me on this.
5. Do all repairs ASAP. Anything not working properly or worn out will affect many other things and cause them to break or wear out pre-maturely. Get to know your mechanic. Never agree to drop off your car for it be fixed anonymously.






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