How to Customize a Car

Four Methods: Body Modifications, Accessories Wheels, Tires and Suspension Paint
Customizing a car runs the gamut from adding simple accessories such as wheel covers to more extensive modifications, such as lowering the vehicle to the ground or chopping its top. New paint, interior upgrades and a myriad of other aftermarket accessories can help you to create the car of your dreams.
Method 1 of 4: Body Modifications
1. Modify the body for a one-of-a-kind look. Some of the most dramatic car customization options stem from body modifications. Changing the look of a stock car quickly sets it apart from the pack.
Chop the roof. Create a dramatic change to a car’s profile by removing a few inches of height from the roof area. Typically, the window posts are cut to remove the roof, then a few inches of the posts are removed and the roof is welded back in place.
Upgrade the doors. Add panache to your vehicle by modifying your stock doors into show-stopping suicide-style, gull-wing or flip-up doors. For added effect, “shave” the door handles off the vehicle and install an electronic opening system so everyone will wonder how you get into your custom car.
Modify body features. On older hot rods, try installing the car’s bumper upside down. This simple hot rod trick gives a new look to an old vehicle. You can also remove the bolts from the bumpers and grind them smooth and re-chrome. Re-install the bumper using hidden bolts. Other options include installing a custom grill, relocating or changing the style of your car’s headlights and taillights, and modifying the antennae to a French, hidden or a power model.
Method 2 of 4: Accessories
1. Add a variety of accessories to complete your car’s new look. You have the option of making changes all at once, or if budget dictate, little by little.
Install aftermarket accessories. Add a custom steering wheel, light-up shifter knob and window tint for a truly custom look. Acid-etch windows or have the glass machine-etched with flowers, designs or the name of your car club.
Update your interior by changing out bench seats for bucket seats, replacing your vehicle’s carpet and installing a custom-made tuck-and-roll interior. To further enhance your car’s interior, install a sun roof or moon roof, and a high-tech audio system.
Method 3 of 4: Wheels, Tires and Suspension
1. Add custom wheels and change the diameter and width of the stock tires. Choose low-profile or wide tires, and sizes which will raise or lower the vehicle’s stance.
For a more dramatic effect, add airbags or hydraulics to raise and lower the vehicle’s suspension.
Method 4 of 4: Paint
1. Change the stock color of your vehicle to one not offered by the manufacturer. Top it off with custom graphics, flames and pin striping. Whether you choose a black satin finish or bright red with silver metal flake, custom paint will make your vehicle stand out.
Add graphics, pinstripes or flames to further customize your car.






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