How to clean and protect your auto windshield

Dirty windshields are not only ugly, but also pose hazards on driving safety. A thorough cleaning includes both the outside and inside of a windshield. It’s easy for one to remember to clean the outside and the windshield wiper fluid also takes care of it while drivers seem easily forget how quickly the inside can get dirty and interfere with safety. Outside cleaning is somewhat easier than the inside due to the curve of the glass, the dashboard in the way and the limited space inside a car.
With time going on, dirt, bugs and other hindrances start to build up on your windshield. Cleaning your car windshield seems to be an easy task, yet sometimes you may encounter some difficulties caused by persistent substances. The cleaning solutions car drivers used vary from ammonia-based glass cleaners to TPS or simply soap and water. Spray-bottle glass cleaners are the most popular solution. Wash the windshield with water to loosen the grime up, then add your glass-cleaning solution and begin your cleaning. After your cleaning, it is better to allow your windshield to thoroughly dry before you drive your car.
Objects that can lead to your car damage consist of small rocks or stones, falling trash from trucks, sticks, animals, and road trash. Apart from these concrete things, extreme temperature, dirt and moisture can also do harm to your windshield. So now we get some understanding of windshield protection measures. To protect your windshield, you are required to clean it regularly. Covering it with a soft yet heavy tarpaulin when the car is parked is also a good choice. Here we’ll provide you with some tips about how to protect your windshield against snow and ice.
When your car are exposed to the snow and ice during winter time, the fresh-fallen snow can cause extra work. The snow and the ice block your sight. You need to sweep the snow and scrape and chip the ice off the windshield. Also extra gas is needed to run the car with defrosters. There are two methods you can take to protect your windshield from ice and snow if you cannot store your car in a garage during a freezing winter night.
One method involves applying a solution to your windshield that prevents ice from forming. This solution has an anti-icing property, like Ice Free, originally developed by NASA to prevent ice buildup on airplane wings and now commercially available. By simply turning on your windshield wipers in the morning, everything is settled.
The other one is to use a cover for your windshield that separates the direct contact between it and the ice and snow. This cover can be a product specifically manufactured for this purpose, like the one mentioned before, a piece of cardboard, an old blanket or a plastic tarp. If you choose a specifically made one, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you use other materials, tuck the sides into the car doors and under the wipers to prevent the snow and ice from seeping in. Or in case of a windy day, it may blow off by the strong wind. Next morning, the snow and ice come off along with you’re the cover.






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