Common car sunroof problems and sunroof maintenance

In this passage, we summarize two typical problems happened on a car sunroof and provide the corresponding solutions to fix them. Then we’ll offer you some tips on sunroof maintenance.
The first problem and the most common one is a leaky sunroof. Whether it’s dripping or gushing water, a sunroof leak can create a mess and damage your car’s interior. To cope with this problem, you can follow three methods of cleaning drain tubes with air, cleaning drains with metal wire and fixing the seal. Then we’ll discuss these three methods in detail. The first method includes cleaning the sunroof trough which located just inside the rubber seal and blasting compressed air through the drain tubes located at the base of the sunroof seal. To implement the second method, you need to insert a skinny flexible metal wire in a drain tube, twist the wire clockwise and then counterclockwise while pushing it deeper into the drain tube and close the sunroof and pour water over the glass. If the problem still exists, you can move to the third method. Look for cracks or jagged edges along the sunroof seal, scan the area around the seal for any pooling water or mold, apply black liquid electrical tape to the seal and close the sunroof and pour water over the top again. If still the leak remains, you’ll have to take the vehicle to a professional service provider.
The second problem is a stuck sunroof. You can try to solve the problem by following the upcoming steps. Remove the panel glass gently with a screwdriver or drill. Inspect the sunroof mechanisms, check for any broken, cracked or stripped gears or components and clean out any debris or grease buildup. Turn on your car, operate the different sunroof positions and watch as the gears move, looking for problem areas. At last, remove and replace problem components.
Proper care and maintenance of your sunroof is important in preserving its appearance and operational longevity. With modern technology and materials, today’s sunroofs are designed to provide years of trouble-free enjoyment. All too often, sunroofs become a problem due to neglect. The single most important factor in keeping your sunroof operating like new is keeping it clean inside and out. To perform your regular maintenance, hope these instructions will do you a favor. Use a glass cleaner that does not contain ammonia or vinegar. Wipe the rubber gasket that seals your sunroof with a mild detergent on a lint-free cloth. Rinse the gasket completely with a lint-free rag soaked in cool water. Lubricate the gasket with a silicone-based lubricant. Remove any wax buildup from the metal frame that is around the top of the sunroof with an old toothbrush and mild detergent. Check the mounting hardware on your manually operated sunroof if it is exposed. Clean the tracks of your power-operated, sliding sunroof. And lubricate the inner lip of the sliding rails to maintain a smoothly gliding sunroof.
Visit your local sunroof professional for an annual tune-up to clean and adjust your sunroof. Whether it is factory installed or aftermarket, regular care and preventive maintenance will keep you enjoying that refreshing open-air feeling that only a sunroof can provide.






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