Car air conditioning system maintenance tips

Your car air conditioning system kicks in on a sweltering mid-summer noon and refreshes you. It takes away the unbearable heat along with all your annoying. With your air conditioning system broken down, your car is no longer a shade under the tree but a metal jungle under the sun. Just like everything on the earth, the deterioration of the air conditioning does not come out of the blue, it has a process and we can diagnose these minor problems and fix them before they turn into something bigger and costly. You may complain about weak airflow, when this happens, you may look for a loosed hose, a fried ventilation fan, opened core case seals and a blocked evaporator core. Maybe you wonder whether there are any system warning lights to alert you to an A/C problem just like other systems, the answer is typically a disappointed “no”, but to be sure, you can always turn to your owner’s manual. You may find that your A/C isn’t as cold as it used to be. This problem is a tricky one, because it can be result of either a leak or a failed and damaged component. Stop the worsening process and bring your ride to a diagnosis and repair as soon as possible. You may experience your air conditioning air flows changing from cold to hot or not cool at all, it is a complex problem, and you’d better have your system inspected by professionals. Yet we still can summarize some causes. It may be the trick of a clogged expansion valve, a faulty compressor clutch, a blown fuse or an A/C system’s common enemy-a leak. You may want to trace the source of a smelly, gym locker odor coming from your A/C vents. You can check your air cabin filter and the evaporator case. You may come with a system leak and you want to detect it. Refrigerant has a black light enabled special dye and also you can bring the sniffer to trace the leak down. Age and moisture are the culprits of your air conditioning system leaks. Like other parts of a vehicle, preventive maintenance is always a good idea. When it comes to a regular check-up, you may wonder how often your air conditioning should be inspected and the system needs recharged. However, there are no definite ones. They largely depend on practical use conditions, like the air feeling, air flow amount, etc.






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