Questions You May Want to Know about Launch CRP Series

1. Q. What is OBDII/EOBD standard?
A: OBD is the acronym for On Board Diagnostics. In order to reduce and handle the air pollution due to vehicle exhaust gas, the notion OBD was first introduced by California Air Resources Board (CARB). Cars with OBD system has the function of finding area with potential fault, and stores such information in the form of trouble codes to the computer memory. EOBD is similar to OBDII. The regulation of European Community is stricter with the emission limit.
Normally, the vehicles built after 1996 in America; cars and light trucks (under 2.5ton) built after 2000 in EC are all equipped with OBDII or EOBD system.
OBDII and EOBD systems have following features:
1) Unify diagnostic socket to 16PIN
2) With data link connector (DLC)
3) Unify the meaning of same trouble codes
4) With the function of redisplaying stored troubles
5) With the function of directly clearing troubles by tool
Currently, all Launch code reader series have the function to retrieve stored data on vehicle which equipped with OBDII/EOBD system.
2. What’s the difference between new product Launch CRP12X series and other code readers?
A: The main functions of CReader Professional 12X include not only the OBD/EOBD standard protocol diagnosis; more important is the professional diagnostic software for multiple car models and the comprehensive diagnosis to the vehicle’s 4 ECU systems (ENG\ABS\SRS\AT).
3. After switching on, screen only with backlight, no character displayed?
A: Possible reasons and solution: Firstly ensure the power supply is properly connected. Re-plug the power adaptor after switching off, leaving 1 second before switching on.
4. How to handle when screen appears chaos?
A: Turn off current application program (current picture), and re-enter. If still failed after this, please restart the system (or press reset button to restart).
5. It prompts failure for the communication with vehicle ECU?
A: Possible reasons and solution: Check whether the connector loosened and whether the testing program matches the car model.
6. Why the stored data cannot be found?
A: Possible reasons:
1)、The TF card is damaged.
2)、Language system has been changed, and the data is related with language. The data can be found only after switching back to the former language system.
7. What is code reader? What is the function of it?
A: Code reader can diagnose any vehicle compliant with OBDII/EOBD requirement. OBD system monitors the vehicle exhaust gas through engine running status. Once the exhaust gas over limit, it will alarm immediately. When system trouble occurs, MIL light or Check Engine light will turn on, meanwhile, powertrain control module (PCM) stores the trouble information to memory. This trouble code can be read out from PCM via a certain program or tool. According to the trouble code, service technician can find out the trouble state and location fast and accurately. Code reader is a new vehicle diagnostic tool designed and developed for private car owner, service technician from small-size repair workshop and DIY person.
8. CRP12X series, why it prompts “cannot find a valid documents, plus “download the correct upgeadfile bag” when selecting model software?
A: CRP12X series support multi-languages. The reason of above problem is, model software language is different with the device selected language. To solve this, users can download relevant model language version at website background.






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