Launch Tech GOLO and Launch GOLO Carcare

World’s first car networking remote diagnostic equipment GOLO is originated from Launch Tech. The core function of GOLO is real-time remote diagnostics, and compatible with as many as 2800 models, the world’s first technology.
GOLO can get instant data of the vehicle, to provide users with real-time remote diagnostics, vehicle professional examination and maintenance guidance, vehicle alarm, vehicle owners living communities, location maps, driving records, rescue services and other functions, and the follow-up will open up more applications, its powerful features for users to create a full range of automotive safety rigs.
The Launch GOLO is a personal diagnostic device that is easily installed in the OBD diagnosis socket and the vehicle users can perform basic diagnosis of most of the electronics of your car and send it to your trusted workshop form remote device if it has to do with his diagnosis equipment X431 PRO. The information in the different control units communicating with the Golo, the user sends the Smartphone via Bluetooth. The Launch GOLO is operating in more than 70 vehicle brands and easily reconfigured in any car model.
Advanced diagnostic interface
The latest technology in the diagnosis
Using a SIM card works wirelessly with your phone or other device running Adroid or Apple
The remote cooperation (using the Internet) with the instrument Launch X431 PRO allows you to perform all the advanced features of this diagnostic tool
Intuitive and easy to use
The expanded version of the interface Launch GOLO 3 with an installed SIM card plugged into the vehicle diagnostic connector also supports remote monitoring function of the vehicle (route, time and travel speed and fuel consumption) using the phone with the application installed GOLO.
Each workshop featuring Launch GOLO interface can be operated remotely by a diagnostician with tester Launch X431 PRO. The owner of the vehicle equipped with an interface GOLO is able (using an application installed on your phone) to find the closest local shop affiliated to a network of GOLO and ask him for help in diagnosing remote vehicle damage and fault elimination.
Diagnostic functions:
Read and clear fault codes EOBD
Reading the real parameters EOBD
WiFi hotspot
Monitor the operating parameters of the car: route, current speeds, downtime, determine the status of doors and windows open and the lights
Diagnostic functions in cooperation with the instrument X431 PRO:
Remote vehicle diagnostics using the Web
Reading error codes
Clear trouble codes
Identification of the control unit
Read current parameters
Tests actuators
Erasing the inspection service
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