How to Correctly Deal with Car Airbag

Airbag just as its name implies, it is a vehicle safety device. Actually, it is an occupant restraint system consisting of flexible fabrics envelop or cushion designed to inflate rapidly during an auto mobile crash. It aims at cushion occupants during a collision and providing protection to car owners’ bodies when they hit interior objects such as the steering wheel or a window. Nowadays, modern cars may have multiple airbag modules in various sides and frontal locations of the passenger seating positions and sensors may develop one or more airbags in an impact zone at variable rates based on the type, angle and severity of impact.
In fact, airbags are normally designed with the intention of supplementing the protection of an occupant who is correctly restrained with a seat-belt. This point is very important, because most people think that their car equip with SRS (Supplement Inflatable Restraint System), they are safe when car collision occurred. But the fact is if you didn’t fasten your seat-belt, the airbag may cause unnecessary injury. So this article will talk about how to correctly deal with this crucial component?
1. We shouldn’t strike or bump the position of the airbag at any time. Besides, we are also banned to directly swash it with water, because damp airbag wouldn’t protect your life when you need it.
2. Every time you start the car you should pay attention to the airbag indicator light in the instrument panel. If it doesn’t light for a long time, it means the airbag is working fine.
3. Correct sitting posture: generally, drivers shouldn’t lean forward while driving. Clinging to the seat, modulate your seat at a comfortable position. Only in this way, there will be sufficient space to let airbag develop its protective effect.
4. Never let teenager or children sit in front passenger seat. These days most front passenger seat also have airbags. When SRS was trigged by car collision the impact the airbag cause would hurt children badly.
5. You must wear the seat-belt. This is the topic of a platitude. Statistics indicated that in all the fatal car accidents, if driver uses seat-belt, it can save 45% of life; if he also uses airbag, this proportion would rise to 60%. While the notable thing here is that without fasten seat-belt, airbag may not protect drivers but have lethality, because the explosive force is horrendous. It can hit the driver hard.
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