Launch CRP229-New 2014 Launch Tech Development

First of all, I’ll provide some basic parameters and specification of this latest CRP tool.
Technical specifications:
-Operating System: Android
-CPU: DualCore A23 4.2
-Extension Memory Card: Micro SD(TF) card Supported
-Storage Capacity: 1gb
-LCD Screen: 5.0″ TFT LCD
-Touch Screen: Yes
-Wi-Fi: Enabled
-Input Voltage Range: 9 – 15 volts
-Connection: 16 pin DLC via cable
-Working Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃ (32°F to 104°F)
-Storage Temperature: 0℃ ~ 70℃ (-32°F to 158°F)
-External Dimensions: 234mm x 104mm x 38mm
-Weight: <600g
Then I’ll list features and functions of Launch CRP229 for your consideration.
Special Features:
-Throttle adaptation
-Steering angle reset
-Engine oil lamp reset
-ABS bleeding function
-Electronic brake pad reset
Other Features:
-Touch screen
-2 year warranty
-No lock-out periods
-A year of free updates
-Intuitive design & a user-friendly layout
-Wi-Fi enabled & compatible with mobile tethering
-Provides diagnostic information for 42 different vehicle manufacturers
Product Function:
– OBDII Diagnostic Full Function.
– Multiple Car Models (Covering 41 prevailing models from Asia, America, andEurope).
– Full System Diagnosis.
– Basic Diagnostic Function: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data Stream.
– Support Engine Oil Lamp Reset, Electronic Brake Pad Reset, Steering Angle Reset and Battery Adaptation.
– Support Android System, Wi-Fi, search maintenance data online.
– Support DTC Help, Data Stream Waveform Display, History Data Record and Playback.
– Support multi-languages, one-click online upgrade.
If you look for more specific details, welcome to browse our website, there we provide customers with detailed explanation of this product, furthermore, you can contact our online customer service for help.






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