Information You Wonder to Know as a Launch CRP229 Purchaser

CRP229 CReader is a newly added version to the Launch CRP range. It is a powerful diagnostic tool aims at providing users with all kinds of information related to car’s health in a quick, accessible, reader-friendly format. It develops from its predecessors to meet more profound diagnostic demand from DIY market.
Based on Android OS, Launch CRP229 combines OBD&EOBD standard protocols with basic diagnostic functions of all car systems. In addition, it can get access to the internet via Wi-Fi. Benefit from all these features, diagnosis and maintenance easier becomes easier and cheaper. By Integrating maintenance and service of its diagnostic predecessors, Launch CRP229 has more than application, such as Engine Oil Reset, ABS Bleeding, etc.
Besides, as a diagnostic tool, it functions to read and clear DTC, read the real-time data stream, read ID information and also has Full Electric Control Unit Diagnosis function. Apart from the above diagnostic functions, it also has functions that can be divided into three categories-golo function, service function and other functions. This golo function enables one to have a remote car diagnosis and IM chat. The service function consists engine oil reset, electronic brake pad reset, steering angle reset and batter reset. Other functions mainly include some help like Quick Guide, User Manual, Disclaimer, Version Update and About, Wi-Fi Network and Multimedia.
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