A brief Description of Launch GOLO Carecare

GOLO is an instant messaging platform to build a vehicle repair shop. Mechanics and private car owners are the core users for this social network application software. Through GOLO OBD interface the shop owner or technician will have the ability to perform remote vehicle diagnostics on customer’s OBDII vehicles (1996 and newer). With GOLO, the technician is able to remotely read and clear codes, perform a running health check, view critical live data and more.
GOLO CarCare is a Telematics device for OBDII complaint vehicles 96 and newer. GOLO CarCare transmits live data via Bluetooth through car owner’s cellphone (Android & iOS) and works in conjunction with Launch Android Platforms. Technicians can read & clear codes and review live data from thousands of miles away. With voice and text communications between you and your Customer, they will never be left stranded on the side of the road. GOLO CarCare can change OBD Diagnostics for both your repair shop and your customer experience, connecting them all together. Best of all there is no extra data plan needed with GOLO.
1. For use on 1996 or new OBDII complaint vehicles
2. Communicate with any Launch Android diagnostic platform
3. Real time – LIVE REMOTE ENHANCED Data for trouble shooting &
4. Diagnostics, Read and Clear Codes.
5. Voice and Text Communication between you and your customer
6. Compatible with all Apple & Android Devices
7. No Extra Data Plan Needed!
8. Your customer can drive with Con¬fidence knowing your shop can assist them from anywhere!
Finally, we’ll cite words said by Harlan Siegel, vice president of diagnostics, Launch Tech USA to end this article. “The days of a customer being inconvenienced by having to drive to a repair shop for diagnosis of a service engine soon or check engine light are now gone. Now a shop owner or technician can read and clear the customer’s codes and review live data from thousands of miles away. Customers no longer have to leave their home or work or interrupt their vacation leading to a value added service for the shop owner – resulting in improved customer retention, customer confidence and added peace of mind for the car owner. GOLO can change OBD Diagnostics for both the repair shop and their customer experience, connecting them all together for the first time.”






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