Questions about Car Sunroof You May Wonder to Know

My factory (sliding) sunroof is leaking, what can I do?
Most power sliding sunroofs have a water management system, which prevents them from leaking. The water management system consists of a water trough that leads to drain tubes. These drain tubes route any water [that gets past the glass] down your front and rear pillars to the ground below your vehicle. Over time the water trough/drain tubes may become obstructed by leaves, dirt and other foreign substances, causing the water management system to back-up. It is important to check your drain trough and tubes regularly.  The trough can be cleaned with a wet rag, and the tubes with compressed air. This is the most common reason for a leaky factory sunroof. If this isn’t your problem, you should consult your local sunroof specialist.
My factory sunroof is broken, where can I get it repaired?
Usually, you need to depend on your car dealer for service and replacement parts. Depending on their service department, they may send it to their local sunroof professional for service. Parts are likely very expensive, however refurbished panels and other parts for many factory sunroofs may be available through your local sunroof professional.
Replacing a factory sunroof with an aftermarket one is usually not an easy proposal. A slightly larger size sunroof than the existing one is required, however most factory sunroofs also have a welded in undercarriage which must be removed. This may not leave enough room for a replacement sunroof to fit. It is a very labor intensive process. See your local sunroof professional to determine the extent of the work needed. Often repair is less costly than replacement.
Can replace my factory metal sunroof panel with a glass one?
Replacing a metal panel factory sunroof with a glass one is no longer an option. In the early 1980’s there were several companies offering aftermarket glass panels for several specific factory sunroofs including Porsche, Mazda RX7 and Honda CRX. These companies no longer exist, and their inventories are long gone.
What kind of tools or special training will I need to install a sunroof in my car?
A telephone, an appointment and your checkbook or credit card. Sunroofs and are generally not available over the counter in the box, and are NOT recommended for do-it-yourself installation. See your local sunroof professional. Unlike many bolt-on or tape-on vehicle accessories, proper sunroof installation is fairly complex. Professional shops are trained, experienced and insured, plus they support the factory sunroof warranty.
Sunroofs are not and should not be a do-it-yourself installation, they are strictly a do-it-for-me installation, and the reasons are clear. Do you have an additional $500 or more to invest in the proper tools to do such an installation? Have you been trained by the sunroof manufacturer on the proper technique to install their product? Do you have access to all the technical bulletins involved in the sunroof you’re interested in? What will you do if a part is missing? Do you have “Mastercraftsman” experience in upholstery… particularly headliners? How about automotive electrical experience? Do you know what will happen if you locate your “HOT” connection to far away from the ignition switch? And what about the onboard computer (or computers)? Will they read your hookup as a drop or surge in the system and adjust for that, causing your new electric sunroof to open and close at will, without your intervention? Do you know what an SRS power line looks like? DO you know what SRS is? Will your airbag go off in your face because you hooked up your “HOT” lead to the SRS line?
I think you get my point……. and we haven’t begun to address warranty issues. In short, it’s worth the money to bring your car to a trained professional. You’ll appreciate the appearance, fit, knowledgeable advice and above all the many years of enjoyment you’ll get from your professionally installed sunroof. See your local sunroof professional.
In ballpark terms, what is the price for a sunroof including installation.
Like comparing baseball to soccer or football, we can’t send you to a ball park until you tell us what game you are interested in. First, we need to know what vehicle you have, and what style of sunroof you have in mind. Different vehicle applications, installation skill, labor rate (by region and shop), features and interior finish dramatically effect the price. This site is supported by sunroof manufacturers and distributors, who sell WHOLESALE to installation professionals around the world. It is up to the local shop to price the completed job. Because each installation varies, we do not provide MSRP.
If we were to provide a ballpark range, it could look like the difference in the cost of a ticket to see a high school football game, and the price of a Superbowl ticket, then how good are the seats? There is some price range info on, however we prefer not to provide a “large price range”
Can I put a sunroof in my BOAT?
We have had boat companies inquire about using our sunroofs in new hull designs and found it best to discourage them. Sunroofs are designed for automotive roof applications, and cannot withstand being walked upon, or the pounding a boat might take. They are not designed for the shapes (or lack of contour) of a boat hull. In addition, most have aluminum and zinc components which would not withstand salt spray. The best referral we can provide is see your local boat repair shop or dealer and get a new BOAT HATCH.






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