How to Get Creases Out of a Car Mat

Vehicle owners protect the carpet of their vehicles by placing car mats in the footwell. When the driver or passenger enters the car with muddy footwear, dirt transfers to the mats instead of the carpet. As well as keeping the interior of the vehicle clean, it is remarkably easy to remove floor mats for washing. Unfortunately, machine washing distorts the shape of the carpet to create creases, but removing them is simple. The method also works for new car mats rolled up while they have been in storage.
Things You’ll Need:Car mats, Spray bottle of clean water, Iron, Ironing board, Damp towel, Pile of books, Stiff brush
1. Remove the car mats from packaging if they are new and open them out. Lay the mat on the ground and smooth out as many creases as possible with the palm of your hand. Place the car mats onto an ironing board with the creases facing upward and spray a light application of clean water over them.
2. Cover the mats with a damp towel and warm up an iron to maximum temperature on a steam setting. Pass the iron over the top of the towel slowly, allowing the heat to draw out the moisture from underneath. Lift the towel regularly to ensure the fibers of the mat are stretching and continue until all of the creases fall out.
3. Try reverse rolling car mats that are creasing upward at either end. Turn the mat upside-down and turn one end back onto the rear side of itself to create a rolled effect. Keep the mat held tightly in your hands and continue rolling across the full length until you reach the opposite side. Unroll the mat and repeat the process across the width to remove the creases and to make sure the mat lays flat in the footwell.
4. Place the mats outside in direct sunlight if you live in a region where temperatures exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the mats and allow the heat of the sun to release the tension of the fibers naturally. Use the reverse rolling system afterward to produce the best results.
5. Lay the mats out on the floor and place heavy objects over them. Try using the weight of a telephone directory or a pile of books for the best effect. Brush up the fibers of the mats afterward with a stiff brush to restore any flat areas.
6. Place the mats into the footwell without trying to remove the creases using any other method. Allow the day-to-day movement of your feet to stretch the fibers naturally. Reverse roll the mats every few days to help release any remaining tension.
Tips & Warnings
Use the services of a steam-cleaning specialist as a last resort, but remember that this will not be the most cost-effective method of ridding your mats of creases.






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