How to get along well with your auto battery?

The definition of auto battery from Wikipedia is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile. It is a silent but strong member of our automotive team. Averagely, a battery lasts about 4 years before it gives out, but this number is a normal one which means the battery goes through full charge cycles, isn’t subject to extreme temperatures, is attached to a reliable and consistent charging system and isn’t providing power for a ton of accessories. To avoid being left stranded with a dead battery all of a sudden, just open your eyes and see it. Actually when a battery is approaching the end of its useful life, there will usually be ample warning signs and clues that most of time if you just” see” it will prevent a breakdown. So do you know how to maintain your auto battery and when to have a replacement?
To maintain your car battery correctly and efficiently, we need to source out the causes of a car battery failure. Among all, driving habits rather than factory defects are the first and more common culprit. Driving habits such as inactivity, short trips less than 10 miles, stop and go driving at night or in bad weather might not keep the battery fully recharged, especially if the electrical load has been increased with aftermarket accessories, such as high power audio equipment, lighting or an electric winch. This constant state of undercharge results in acid stratification which shortens the lifespan of a battery. Inadequately used and low water level can also pose a great threat to its use life.
Then what indications we can “see “to avoid a sudden battery failure? The answer would be dashboard indications, and engine starting indications. As dashboard indications, a battery annunciator light on the instrument panel will illuminate when the battery is beginning to fail. Symptoms such as cranking slower than normal and loss or dimming of internal and external lights serve as engine starting indications to warn you.
You can get a free bench testing of car batteries from many auto parts stores and mechanic shops most of time as a part of a free road safety or road worthiness test.
As your auto battery ages, it comes the time to it needs be replaced by a new one. Although there seems to be a dizzying array of batteries on the market, replacing one is relatively easy and can be a part of a regular auto maintenance schedule. When you choose one, age, old cranking amps, reserve capacity and group size matter instead of name brands. Age refers to the time a car battery is manufactured to the time you buy it, it should not exceed 6 months. Cold cranking amps specify the outside dimensions and the position of the battery terminals, it enables you to buy a fit one. Reserve capacity indicates the distance your car can run off battery power alone if the alternator suddenly dies.
Treat your auto battery well and may you have a good journey with your automobile!






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