How to Get a Leather Car Seat to Stop Ripping

Caring for your vehicle is an essential component of maintenance. As a vehicle owner, you should invest time and money into the generally upkeep of your car. This includes protecting the leather interior. Tears, or rips, in a leather seat can severely lower the value of your vehicle. Learn how to care for your leather seats to prolong the life of the interior of your vehicle.
Things You’ll Need: Microfiber cloth, Leather cleaner, Vehicle sun shades, Seat covers
1. Clean your leather seats once a week with leather cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth. Oil and dirt buildup can weaken leather, causing it to crack and rip. Wipe your seats with leather conditioner after cleaning.
2. Cover your windows with sun shades when parked in sunny areas. Direct sunlight penetrates window glass, causing the interior temperature to rise. Extreme temperatures can cause cracks and tear in leather.
3. Crack your windows in the summer when parked. Allowing air to circulate in and out of your vehicle can help lower the interior temperature of your car.
4. Install seat covers over your leather seats. Seat covers provide an easy way to help protect your seats from collecting dirt. A sturdy cover can provide a layer of protection from punctures, which left untreated, can lead to large tears.






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