How to Feng Shui Your Car

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of promoting positive energy and success by incorporating the 5 elements–wood, earth, fire, water, and metal–in livable spaces, including vehicles. It also teaches the rules of positioning, so when it comes to staying safe, consider the steps needed to Feng Shui your car. The positive energy produced using this method will lead to success, according to Feng Shui principles.
1. Turn your music on once you get into your car if you want to Feng Shui your vehicle. This will rid of negative chi that may be remaining in the space. Removing the negative energy will allow you to drive in a revitalized space.
2. Remove all the clutter and trash from your car and allow the positive chi to flow through. Clean it out and vacuum the carpets and seats. Anything that is not needed in the car should be cleared out. Feng Shui principle teaches that clutter creates chaos and trapped energy, and it can weaken the driver’s energy.
3. Connect with one of the elements by keeping a bottle of water in your car and drinking water regularly. Water represents clarity and thoughtfulness and therefore can assist in improving the awareness of the mind. Water also flushes out the negative energies that fill the space, caused by electronic devices such as cell phones.
4. Always keep your windows clean and clear. According to Feng Shui principles, windows are considered the eyes of your vehicle, so always keep them clean to allow easy access for positive energy to flow in.
5. Add Feng Shui to your car by sprinkling sea salt on the floor to absorb any negative energy that your passengers may bring into it. Vacuuming the salt out of the car on a regular basis in fine since it removes the negative energy along with it. Then you can sprinkle fresh salt.
6. Include symbols of protection in your vehicle’s decor. Dragons and rhinoceros are 2 popular examples of protective symbols. Dragons are also very lucky. Rhinos represent protection against accidents and thieves. Adding dragons and rhinos to your keychain or hanging them from your rearview mirror are visual reminders of the energies protecting you and your car.
7. Remain grounded with the element earth as you travel. This can be done by keeping stones or dirt in a small box inside your glove box. There is no limit to how much Feng Shui can be added to cars.
8. Understand how color makes a difference according to Feng Shui teaching. For this reason, you should learn what colors mean and, if possible, choose colors for your car and interior that reflect the feelings your wish to instill.
Whether working on cars is a hobby or a cost-driven necessity, most DIYers and backyard mechanics are better off with inexpensive alternatives to expensive professional tools. There are some good tools that can interface with your computer, phone, or tablet.






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