How to Clean Car Windshield

You’ve cleaned and polished the exterior to a beautiful, see-your-face luster, vacuumed and dusted the inside, but not knowing how to clean car windshield wipers and the windshield itself keeps your vehicle from being the perfect vision of cleanliness. Why is it so hard to get the windshields of a car clean? It isn’t because it’s a particularly difficult task to accomplish, in fact nothing could be easier. But for some reason, achieving streak-free cleanliness when cleaning a car windshield is a frustration. There are ways, however, to clean car windshield wipers and windows with minimal effort and while using everyday household items.
To clean car windshield wipers and windows you will need:
An empty water bottle
2 cups of water
1/2 cup of vinegar
1/2 cup of alcohol
Two lint free towels
Make your cleaner. Combine the water, vinegar and alcohol in a clean empty water bottle. Shake the bottle to combine the solution, and set aside.
Inspect your windshield. Walk around the car and inspect each of the windows for any stuck on splattering. You can remove this grime using a razor or bit of alcohol on the edge of a towel.
Clean the windshield wiper. It is important to maintain and clean car windshield wipers on a regular basis. Raise the windshield wipers so that they are away from the windshield. Wet a section of towel with alcohol to clean each of the wipers.
Clean the car windshield. Spray the windshield using your vinegar, alcohol solution. Don’t over saturate when spraying as this may increase your chances of streaking. Spray one window at a time.
Wipe dry. Using your lint free towel, wipe away the cleaning solution in a back and forth motion. Roll down the window a bit and wipe away any grime that has accumulated there.
Clean the inside windows. Repeat steps four and five to clean the windows inside. When you’re finished and have a clean car windshield, lower the windshield wipers into their proper position.
In the winter months, spray the homemade window cleaner on the windshield at night to prevent frost build-up.
Some people prefer to use newspapers when cleaning windows. With older newspapers the ink was believed to aid in cleaning.
If you prefer to use store window cleaners, choose one that does not contain ammonia as it can be damaging to tinted windows.






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