How to clean and protect your cars glass and windshield to the fullest

Car glass
To me one of the most important things is keeping my car clean. And with that one of the hardest things to keep clean is the glass. Because you need it to see clearly this can usually pose a threat and be hard to take care of. In this guide I will show you the steps you can take to clean, and prevent the glass, and the cleaning supplies that I use to clean my glass.
Cleaning and treating
usually some would say the first step is cleaning your glass when washing your car, but since that isn’t what this guide is about we will skip that, and I will teach you how to clean your glass when in between washes, or without having to do any other washing.
First I will go over the windshield. The first step is cleaning. In that the best brand I have found is Invisible Glass, made by the company Stoner. It has been seen on many as seen on tv shows, and it is truly the best. It does exactly what its name is, and makes your glass invisible. They have a version with rain repellant in it, but the regular will do as we will get to that step later.
Now that your windshield has been cleaned with Invisible glass, you can do 1 of two steps. 1 – you can clay bar, or 2 – you can use rubbing alcohol. The clay bar treatment I only suggest if you washed your car, and are using a clay bar on your car, then go ahead and do the windshield as well. If not washing your whole car then use rubbing alcohol. what this step does, is it will take out all the impurities on the glass that the Invisible glass might have missed. These are things that you will not see, but also if you have any sap , tar, or other annoyances stuck to the glass this will take care of it.
Now that the glass is clean, and clear of impurities, we have the final step. This is the protection stage. Here you will apply a coat of RainX to the windshield. This will aid in your windshield wipers, or in my case make it so I do not need them at all. Follow the directions on the RainX, which usually include apply a coat, then allowing to dry, and washing off with the hose or wiping off. I prefer wiping off, because the hose will create water marks on your paint, unless you want to create more work for yourself and dry the car after as well, so wiping is usually the better choice.
When cleaning the rest of your windows you can follow the first two steps but do not use RainX, not only is it a waste, but it can leave a haze on your other windows unlike your windshield. So follow the first two steps but leave the last one with RainX out.
So there you have it, the tips that you will need to make sure your windshield is nice and clean. Overall this will help you clean and treat your windows.






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