How to Avoid Ruining Paint on a Car

Along with the performance of a car, the interior and exterior of it needs to be maintained for a longer lasting life.
1. Wash and wax the car regularly. This is very important because e.g bird poo, dirt and grime can cause a reaction in your paint from the acids. This will overtime cause your paint to bubble up and cause rust and other imperfections.
2. Follow specific step by step procedures a professional would do if you’re painting your car a different color. Take your time to perfect the steps, or else you will end up with paint bubbles and blotches on your new paint coats.
Sand the original paint off.
Remove dings and dents by boggling and priming.
Use proper car paint, whether its Matt, gloss, metallic, chrome, etc.
Make sure all imperfections on the original paint disappear.
3. Make sure to apply at least 1-2 undercoats and one finishing coat to your car to ensure life and quality.
4. Deal to rust as soon as you spot it. You can prolong the life of rust using e.g WD-40 and rust removal products.






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