What Are the Maintenance Packages for the Honda Civic?

Maintenance packages assure that a vehicle is up-to-date in its preventive maintenance and does not exhibit any dangerous conditions. Many vehicle warranties require that a vehicle be continuously maintained, or else the warranty is void. Each maintenance package differs according to the number of miles on the odometer; one of the three packages is due every 7,500 miles.
Minor Service Interval
The minor service interval maintenance package is performed at 7,500 miles, then every 15,000 miles thereafter. At this interval, only the engine oil and filter are replaced, while other fluid levels are topped off, including coolant and water. Visual inspection is performed to the front and rear brakes, fuel lines, connections, tank, suspension mounting bolts, air filter, power steering system, exhaust system, gearbox and axle boots. Battery posts and wiper blades are cleaned. Clutch and parking brake are adjusted and lubed, if needed. Tires are balanced and inspected for wear.
Intermediate Service Interval
This package is performed first at 15,000 miles, then every 30,000 miles thereafter. The same maintenance performed for a minor service interval is part of this package, plus there are two more areas of focus: the suspension mounting bolts are inspected and service is performed for the cooling system.
Major Service Interval
This package is performed every 30,000 miles, beginning when the Honda Civic reaches 30,000 miles. The package includes all of the inspection and replacements required in the minor service interval package, but include five additional items. The major service interval package includes the replacement of non-platinum spark plugs and brake fluid, and inspection is performed to the distributor cap and rotor system, suspension, struts and steering. In addition, adjustment is performed to the valve clearance.
Other Maintenance
In addition to the three packages, Honda Civics require timing belt replacement and water pump inspection every 90,000 miles for models prior to 1997, or every 105,000 miles for newer models. The fuel filter is due for replacement at 100,000 miles, and for those models with platinum spark plugs, replacement is recommended at 105,000 miles.






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