Top Rated Remote Car Starters

Remote car starters are extremely useful for warming or cooling car interiors and engine temperatures from a distance. This is especially useful in dramatic climates or in periods of severe weather. When selecting a remote car starter it is important to use a product made by a reputable company. Some companies produce remote car starters that only work on select varieties of vehicles. Top rated car starters are made by companies that have a proven history of reliability, are compatible with most cars, and provide additional anti-theft features.
Auto Alarm Pro X6 VSS Remote Car Starter
The Auto Alarm Pro X6 VSS is a universal remote starter that is compatible with hundreds of different makes and models of cars. Features include a remote keyless entry system that operates by a remote control which can unlock a car’s power lock doors. A double pulse activation mode is included as an additional security feature where a button on the remote control must be pressed twice within a specific amount of time to activate the remote starter. When locking or unlocking car doors, or during the activation of the engine by remote access, the car horn will sound as an audio confirmation. Two remote control units are included and the starter has a range of up to 1,200 feet.
Valiant Universal Remote Car Starter
The Valiant universal remote car starter works up to 500 feet away from any vehicle and features a programmable engine run time of up to 24 minutes. Activation is confirmed by a flash of the car’s lights and an LED that is mounted to the car’s interior. The LED also acts as a deterrent against theft. A useful feature is the auto run mode, which allows the driver to make a short stop at a store while keeping the engine running and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. The starter includes a remote transmitter and a safety function that prevents the car from being driven without a key.
Avital 5303 Remote Car Starter
The Avital 5303 remote car starter has range of up to 1,000 feet and includes dual button micro-remotes. Other features include an option to use keyless entry for added security with specific car lock and unlock buttons. The 5303 utilizes a silent mode for activating and deactivating the remote start and a relay satellite which guarantees the remote start feature will function in severe weather conditions. A six tone alarm system is built into the starter as an additional security feature.
Bulldog RS82-I Remote Car Starter
The Bulldog RS82-I remote car starter features a two button remote control transmitter and specific activation and deactivation buttons to control the remote start feature. It works over a distance of up to 400 feet. Unlike some rival companies remote car starters, the Bulldog RS82-I contains an installation kit and instructional DVD making it extremely user friendly to install and operate.






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