Signs You Need a New Gas Filter

The gas filter is an essential part of a vehicle’s fuel system. The engine and the fuel injectors require the gas filter to keep dirt and debris out. The signs you need a new gas filter will enable you replace this device and enjoy a dramatic improvement in the life and the performance of the engine. A gas filter is also known as a fuel filter.
Poor Fuel Economy
A worn fuel filter will clog the injectors and cause them to work harder to combust the fuel that is delivered from the fuel pump. Once a fuel filter starts to go bad, debris and sediment will collect in the engine and in the injectors, eventually causing the engine to work harder than it needs to.
Sluggish Acceleration
A bad fuel filter will clog and prevent the necessary amount of fuel to get through the lines to the engine. Sluggish acceleration can be a factor and the problem made evident when you press down on the accelerator. Dirt particles can enter the fuel line and prevent the necessary amount of fuel from being injected into the engine.
New Fuel Pump
Replacing the fuel filter with the new fuel pump makes sense. The new fuel pump will be sending fresh fuel through the fuel lines in the car and having an old fuel pump can possibly shorten the life of the fuel pump or at least make it work harder.
Idling Rough
When not enough fuel is making its way to the engine, this may cause the vehicle to stall out when sitting at a red light or even in traffic. The engine will also sound rough as it is not getting the required fuel needed to ensure it idles at the correct engine speed.






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