My Windshield Wipers Won’t Park

The windshield wipers on your vehicle clear away precipitation and debris while driving. The windshield wipers are a crucial aspect of safe driving as they allow the driver proper visibility. When the windshield wipers are turned off, they are designed to park horizontal on the bottom of the windshield and rest on the windshield tray. If the wipers do not park properly, check for obstructions or perhaps a faulty component. It’s important to learn the proper way to troubleshoot your wipers’ inability to properly park to avoid an unnecessary trip to the auto shop.
Things You’ll Need
Screwdriver or socket wrench
1. Turn the windshield wiper setting to “off.” Turn the engine off and remove the ignition key.
2. Pull the windshield wipers upright, away from the vehicle. They will lock into place. Examine the windshield wiper tray; look for any debris, dirt or screws that may be preventing them from properly resting in place.
3. Determine if any hardware on the wiper arm is loose, such as a nut or bolt. If so, use the appropriate screwdriver or socket wrench to tighten. A loose nut or bolt can cause the wiper arm to rest unevenly and not fully park.
4. Look at the point where the wiper blade meets the wiper arm. Examine the hinge; make sure the hinge and spring are free of dirt, debris and rust. If you notice rust, clean the wiper components using an all-purpose cleaner and small wire brush.
5. Remove the wiper tray. The wiper tray is a plastic piece installed where the wipers park. There is a bolt on each side of the vehicle. Remove the two bolts and lift the tray out of place. You will now have access to the wiper mechanics, such as wiper motor and stop tab.
6. Identify the stop tab, which is a small metal tab located directly next to the mechanism. If the tab is bent, this will prevent the wipers from properly parking. If the tab is not bent, the motor is faulty and will need to be serviced to allow the wipers to properly park.






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