How to Reduce Road Noise in a C6

The C6 Corvette is a powerful and light sports car produced by GM. One of the ways the Corvette is kept light is through sparing use of sound dampers and sound insulation. In order to reduce road noise in your Corvette, you can install additional sound insulation inside the cabin and rear hatch, along with insulation on the fender liners. Tire selection also makes a dramatic difference in sound levels, and replacing the stock tires with different aftermarket brands will reduce road noise.
Things You’ll Need
Socket set with ratchet
Sound insulation kit
Plastic door pin removal tool
Flat head screwdriver
1. Remove the door panels by removing the two bolts that are below the door handle. The bolts are hidden by a small panel that you can remove with a small flat head screwdriver. The panel is held in place with clips that you simply pull out. Disconnect the electrical connection for the power window, then set the panel aside. The passenger side door panel removal requires removal of the plastic panel piece to the right of the power lock switch, then removal of the bolt underneath, followed by removal of the bolt at the bottom of the handrail.
2. Install sound insulation sheets on the door skins, cutting them to mimic the shape of the door. Put an extra layer around the lip of the speaker hole to help control vibrations. There are several aftermarket sound insulation brands available, and some companies will even custom cut an insulation kit for your specific Corvette.
3. Remove the carpeting in the rear hatch and lay down sound insulation. Since the Corvette is a hatchback, you get more cabin noise because there is no trunk partition as in a traditional coupe. In addition to laying down sound insulation, specialized companies like Blockit and Lloyd’s make simple drop-in sound insulation mats for the hatch area, along with mats that slide under the carpet behind the seating.
4. Remove the plastic fender liners and coat the both sides with rubberized undercoating spray. The rubber coating will cut down on road noise, and the noise from road debris being kicked up by the tires. The fenders are held in place with eight plastic screws — one on top, two on the side, one on the fender lip and one underneath the rocker panel — along with a single bolt near the brake duct.
5. Replace the stock Goodyear tires. The stock tires on the C6 are designed for maximum traction, which results in a loud and harsh ride. There are several quality high-performance tires which offer similar dry traction, better wet traction and a quieter ride.






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