How to Make My X5 Shift Smoother

If your BMW X5’s transmission is not shifting as smoothly as you would like, there may be a handful of issues at play. Over time, the fluid in your transmission can become dirty and coagulated. The gears in the car can also wear down and cause the transmission to shift oddly. Changing out the transmission fluid is just one way to make your X5’s transmission shift in a smoother manner.
Things You’ll Need
Transmission fluid
Drip pan
Fluid pump
8 mm hex socket
1. Remove the transmission fluid filler bolt with the 8 mm hex socket wrench. The filler bolt is located toward the front end of the transmission casing. Place the drip pan underneath the filler bolt to catch any fluid that drips out.
2. Remove the drain plug bolt using the 8 mm hex socket. The drain plug bolt is located at the rear of the transmission assembly. Place the drip pan beneath the drain plug so that the transmission fluid can drain out.
3. Reinstall the drain plug, then insert the hose of the fluid pump to the filler opening. Attach the other end of the fluid pump to the top of the transmission fluid.
4. Pump the transmission fluid into the transmission’s casing and install the filler bolt with your fingers so that it is loosely installed.
5. Turn on your X5’s engine and set the parking brake on. Apply pressure to the brake pedal and carefully shift into each gear as the X5’s engine is running.
6. Remove the filler plug and continue to pump in transmission fluid after reattaching the fluid hose pump to the filler opening. This is done while the engine is running.
7. Remove the hose from the filler plug once a steady stream of transmission fluid begins to seep out from around the hose. Replace the filler neck and tighten it using the 8 mm hex wrench, then turn off the engine to complete the procedure.






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