How to Buy a Remote Starter for a Car

A remote car starting system can be a boon during weather extremes. Whether the engine needs extra time to warm up during the cold winter months, or the air conditioning needs an extra minute to cool down your car from the hot summer sun, your car can be comfortable and ready to drive from a distance at the press of a button. Choose a system and a shop to install it that you can rely on and it will be a breeze to buy a remote starter for a car.
Things You’ll Need: car
1. Choose a shop or mechanic near you with an installer certified in Mobile Electronics, and successful experience doing installations.
2. Ask a salesperson about the many safety features available in remote starter systems. These include devices to prevent the car from being started remotely when overheated, when the hood is open for mechanical work and when the transmission is not in the park position, among others.
3. Find a remote starter system that includes modifications to your car’s starter to prevent grinding damage when key is turned in ignition to fully engage.
4. Request a detailed description of the installation and operation of the remote starter. Ask questions of the salesperson and the installer. Have them explain how your new system functions and how to use it properly.
5. Familiarize yourself with your remote starter and its features using the owner’s manual.
Tips & Warnings
Be informed. There are many companies offering remote starters with a range of features and prices. Some systems combine keyless remote entry with the remote starter. Choose the best option for you.
Installing a remote car starter requires knowledge and experience. You may be tempted to try this installation at home, but consulting a graduate of a Mobile Electrics Certification Program could spare you from making a costly mistake with your car.






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