Do You Need to Refresh Your Driving Knowledge?

During the busy life, you may never wonder if you need to refresh your driving knowledge, although you drive you car to and from home. Actually, car accidents happen every second. So it’s better to check is your driving knowledge is out of date. There are tests you can take to see if your knowledge is still fresh. A recent study shows that nearly half of drivers who took mock driving tests failed to get the required eighty percent pass mark. They failed to answer basic questions like when you need to stop for pedestrians. Only three people out of five hundred managed to score full marks.
These figures suggest that we could do with a refresher on traffic rules. It does not have to be required by law when you know it is a good idea. There are online materials to learn more or a little handy booklets would be easy to keep around you. Whenever you are in doubt you can pull it out and have a check.
Most authorities agree that American driving license tests are much easier to pass. Only recently it has been long drawn for young people to get their full licenses with Graduated Driving License Tests. Experts predict that the accidents and youth deaths would be significantly reduced if every state adopted Graduated Driving License Tests.
Actually, it has taken as late as till late 1950s for some states to require tests to give a driving license. First driving licenses were just a case of applying and you would get it in the post. First license is believed to be given to Karl Benz, the founder of Mercedes-Benz and inventor of modern automobiles. It was issued in 1888 in Mannheim, Germany. The first driving license in America is believed to be issued in 1903. It did not require the applicant to pass a test.
The knowledge section of a state driving license test is usually 25 questions and you get given about 25 minutes to complete. Minimum pass mark changes according to state from 70 – 85%. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the overall driving tests process is found to be weaker than many other nations.
Still many people fail to pass their test in the first try. If you fail the knowledge test you may be able to take another one next day or wait for thirty days depending on which state you live in. You can continue taking safe driver courses when you get your license. Most car insurance companies offer around 10% discounts to drivers who has passed advance driving tests.
In the light of these revelations, perhaps you should be extra careful on the roads for the sake of your and family members health. People as young as 14 years of age are allowed to drive on the roads. The driving tests are considered to be much easier and even after that people do not remember the basic rules. 50% of drivers do not know if they should stop when they see you trying to cross the road or they can carry on regardless. So, watch out!
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