Car Maintenance

Maintenance is something most of us ignore, until our vehicle stops functioning, and then we wonder what went wrong. Maintenance is one of the most serious aspects of ownership. It determines the longevity, capability and reliability of whichever vehicle you drive. You see, looking after your vehicle involves more than taking care of its overcoat of paint and keep it clean and shiny.
Maintenance means taking care of all the vehicle parts, even those that are invisible. These are the components that directly concern the performance of the vehicle. Besides taking it to the service station at regular periods, it is a smart idea to go through the owner’s manual that will give a comprehensive idea about its routine maintenance.
Let’s see which car parts need regular care:
1. Engine: for the protection of the engine, change its oil regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on oil and filter changes.
2. Brakes: at time you may notice that brakes tend to become unresponsive, wobbly and act slowly. It is time to check and top-up the brake fluid reservoir.
3. Battery: for the prevention of corrosion, it is imperative that you clean the battery terminals regularly and apply a light coating of grease. Also, check the level of distilled water in the battery and ensure that the plates are covered at all times. If the level of water is very low, the acid becomes concentrated and plates get corroded
4. Tires: they wear out unevenly. For them to last longer, keep rotating the position of the tires and balance them at intervals of around 1000 km. Under-inflated tires also increase your fuel consumption by 10%. A periodic check for the stone and gravel enmeshed in the tires is also needed.
5. Transmission: the transmission is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts to a vehicle, as it is one of the most expensive components of a vehicle, second only to the engine. However, as important as this part of your car is, it is often neglected. Vehicle owner seldom conduct preventive maintenance on it. It is thought of only when it malfunctions. In fact, performing a regular transmission fluid exchange, or flush, which is quiet simple, can provide many benefits.
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