Auto Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips: Troublehooting

Symptom: Fan doesn’t operate.
Problem: Electrical problem.
Remedy: Replace fuse, wire or fan motor, as necessary.
Symptom: Fan operates but air isn’t at all cool.
Problem: Compressor not operating.
Remedy: A. Check for broken V-belt, replace if necessary. B. If compressor spins but clutch doesn’t engage, check fuses in main panel and in line with clutch; check for broken clutch wire. C. If compressor will not turn, consult mechanic.
Problem: Clogged system.
Remedy: If frosting occurs at receiver-drier or expansion valve, suspect clogs at these points; consult a mechanic.
Problem: Lack of refrigerant.
Remedy: If condenser doesn’t feel warm at the bottom, suspect lack of coolant or an ineffective compressor.
Symptom: Fan operates but air isn’t cool enough.
Problem: V-belt slipping.
Remedy: Adjust V-belt tension or replace V-belt.
Problem: Clutch slipping.
Remedy: If the clutch and compressor are spinning at different speeds, consult a mechanic.
Problem: Insufficient refrigerant; air or water contamination.
Remedy: Look for bubbles or cloudy appearance in sight glass; consult mechanic.
Problem: Fouled condenser or evaporator. Remedy: Check and clean as necessary.
Problem: Partially plugged receiver-drier or expansion valve. Remedy: If either component is cool, consult a mechanic.






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