4 Most Common Causes of Fading Car Paint Color

If you have bought a new car or applied a new car paint color to change the look of your vehicle, the last thing you want is to create a situation that could cause the paint to fade. Understanding the common causes for fading to car paint can help you to avoid them.
1. Sunlight
Even when the sun doesn’t appear to be that bright, the ultra violet rays can still remain powerful and can cause the car paint color to fade. The sun’s rays degrade the finish of the paintwork which is designed to protect it. This then leaves the paint exposed and susceptible to damage and fading to the color. With the sun comes the heat, which is absorbed and stored in the metal of the car’s bodywork and can also be the cause of fading and discoloration. If you find the problem with faded car paint color is mainly a problem on the roof, hood and boot then this is likely to be the cause. Wherever possible, avoid parking the car in direct sunlight and store the car within an enclosed garage or covered port if you have the facility.
2. Salt
If you live near the ocean, you may find that salt in the air can be problematic and can cause your car paint color to fade. If salt is allowed to remain on the surface of the paintwork, you will find that the result will be oxidization. This can not only cause the paint to fade, but will also damage it to the point where it peels and rusts the surface beneath. This problem can be prevented with the use of a regular and effective method of cleaning and waxing to create a surface that salt cannot stick to.
3. Abrasive Cleaners
Using the wrong solutions and tools to clean the car can result in the car paint color fading if they are used over extended periods of time. Not every type of cloth is suitable for cleaning a car’s paint work even if it is heavily soiled. Do not, under any circumstances, use a scouring style pad or cloth to clean the car as this can result in you removing layers of paint. In addition, always make sure that you use a cleaning solution that is specifically manufactured for the purpose of cleaning cars. Avoid any products that contain an array of chemicals. Maintain the wax job to the car’s paint job to reduce the need for cleaning. A decent wax will prevent debris adhering to the car so that you do not have to undertake any unnecessary cleaning.
4. Pollution
There are a range of contaminants and toxic particles that are floating around the atmosphere, which are all the more dangerous and destructive because they are not immediately evident. If you find that your paintwork has faded but there does not immediately appear to be a cause, this may be the problem. Consider your surroundings and the areas in which it is usually stored, if there is a significant amount of traffic or factories close by, as this can be the cause of the problem.






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