How to Troubleshoot an Edge CTS

The Edge Color Touch Screen (CTS) is an aftermarket product that is used to program specific functions of your vehicle. The device is designed to operate within the OEM calibrations that were set by the manufacturer. Updating the device is done by connecting it to your computer and using the internet. If you experience problems with the device, you will need to take steps to determine the cause.
Things You’ll Need
1. Verify that the connector cable is fully plugged into the rear of the unit and is not upside down. Push on the cable to verify that it is fully connected if the EGTs do not appear on the display.
2. Connect the device to your computer with the USB cable. Use the Fusion software that is provided with the unit to check for an update to the Edge CTS if you hear multiple beeping sounds from the display.
3. Start your vehicle or touch the screen anywhere with your index finger if the Edge CTS does not power on when the key is set to the “On” position in the ignition.
4. Move the device out of direct sunlight and allow it to cool if you hear two long beeping sound from the display. This indicates that the device is too hot to operate normally.
5. Locate the fuse for your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Remove the fuse with the pliers and check to see if it is blown if the unit does not power on. Replace a blown fuse with a new one and attempt to turn on the unit again.






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