How to trace down wiper blade problems

Drivers maneuver a car driving by looking through the windshield. Visibility is the most important factor in driving a vehicle. Wiper mechanism is designed to ensure you of a clear view ahead even in extreme weather conditions. Imagine the situation you’ll in if your wiper mechanism fails at the moment a thunderstorm hits out of the blue. It certainly isn’t the case that you want to come across.
Windshield wipers require routine maintenance and cleaning to keep them in good working condition. In most cases, a windshield wiper problem can be easily diagnosed and repaired, and on the other hand, the repair is relatively an inexpensive one and you can do it yourself.
Here, I provide you with some general troubleshooting guidelines on dealing with windshield wiper issues. Hope this will help you get the issue settled.
Sometimes the reason for the wiper blade malfunctioning can be a problem as simple as being too dirty. This can be quickly fixed by using some commercially made or homemade cleaning solutions and a soft cloth.
You can try the following aspects in troubleshooting:
1. Check the fuse for blown out signs. Find the location of fuse box with the guide of your owner’s manual. Replace the fuse if it has burned out.
2. Inspect the wires between the wiper motor and the battery for loose wire problems. Tighten and adjust them, try the wiper blade to see if it works normally.
3. Check the linkage between the motor and the wiper arms. If the linkage is broken, get it replaced and restore the replacement back on.
4. Check the wiper arms. Look at the wiper arms to see if it becomes distorted or damaged or if it is due to the damaged springs on the arms. Better replace them than repair.
5. One of the most common reasons for wiper movement failure is the breakdown of the wiper motor. It may also be the problem of the switch located on the instrument panel. It is responsible for turning the wipers on and off and setting the speed with which they work. If you think your wiper problem falls into one of these two cases, make an appointment with an auto mechanic for professional help.
In addition, there are some other problems can happen with wiper blades. Some drivers complain of poor wiping where the windshield is not swept completely clean as the wipers pass up and back, for example, water streaks are left. This is often due to problems with the wiper blade itself. Another big complaint would be extremely noisy wiper operation. Such irritating noise can be caused by the hardened rubber on the wiper blades. Some people replace wiper blades about once a year whether they need it or not to prevent the appearance of such problems.
At very last, several pieces of advice for wiper blade care. Wash the car windows and wipe the wiper blades regularly to remove accumulated debris and other contaminants. Run windshield wipers only when there is moisture present on the windows. In cold winter, if there’s snow and ice formed on the windows, remove them off of windows first. Protect your car wiper blades from direct sun damage.






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