Honda Accord Aftermarket GPS Navigation Installation

With a GPS navigation system, car driving becomes more convenient. Once you have used it, you’ll rely on it and like it. Turn-by-turn directions and GPS positioning ensure that you will never be lost, even when driving in unfamiliar territory. If you feel comfortable with wiring and stereo installations, DIY will be a good choice since it will help to greatly reduce the expensive system installation costs.
Things You’ll Need: Screwdriver, GPS navigation system, Drill and drill bit, Wire stripper
1. Go to your local electronics store or online and buy a navigation system that is compatible with your year Accord.
2. Unscrew the screws on the both sides of your center console cover. Then remove the center console cover from the car.
3. Pull out the old radio and disconnect the wires in the back.
4. Mount the CPU to a safe place under the dash. You can do this using velcro tape to stick the unit to the underside of the dash. Some kits may have a CPU mount that you can screw into place.
5. Mount the antenna to the corner of the dashboard under the windshield. It will have an adhesive strip on the underside which you will use to stick it onto the very corner of the dash, as close to where the windshield meets the dash as possible.
6. Run the wires provided from the CPU to the antenna and the navigation unit.
7. Plug the wire harness into the back of the navigation unit.
8. Slide the navigation unit into the dashboard, being careful not to disconnect any of the wires.
9. Screw the center console piece back into place.
10. Program the GPS system using the manual that came with it.
Tips & Warnings
Read through any instructions that came with the GPS system to make sure there are no special instructions with the system you bought.
Always disconnect the power when working with wiring. Do this by removing the negative (black) wire from your car’s battery.






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