Common vehicle maintenance mistake

Vehicle is just like human, catching a cold every now and then. You don’t have to see a doctor whenever you are ill. Lots of car owner feels the same way about their car’s small malfunctions. In fact, these malfunctions occur because car owner doesn’t know much about their car. Misdiagnosis happens occasionally. This article will illustrate some common misdiagnosis.
Rear door can’t open
Back-seat passenger want to get off, only finds the rear door can’t open. While you softly pull the handle from outside, the door opens easily. The new driver would be panic: “the door lock is broken, what should I do?” Actually, this is just the effect of child safety door lock which is used to prevent children from accidentally opening the rear door. Lot of cars is equipped with child safety door lock. So if you activated this system by accident, the rear door can only be opened from outside. When this happens, you only have to close the child safety door lock. The location of child safety door lock is in the rear door’s handle.
Air condition is not cool enough
Some new car owners always envy cool temperature in other’s car. Although you have turned on the air-conditioner full blast, you only feel “not very hot”. Moreover, every time you turn on the air-conditioner when your car is under the sun, it would take a long time before the car cool up. As a matter of fact, if the car opens inside and outside air circulations, the cooling effect will decline, but the air in the car is fresher. On the contrary, if you use internal recycle, the cooling capacity would improve a lot. The shortcoming is that the air in the vehicle is less fresh.
Steering wheel is stuck
When start your cars you surprisingly discover that your car key can’t budge or your steering wheel is stuck. In this condition, do not consider it as car broke down or take your beloved car to the car-repair shop. The reason is that it just the lock effect of your steering wheel. After you stop your vehicle, the steering wheel locks automatically, this is a common function of the sedan. Although compared with the electronic article surveillance, the steering wheel lock is quite primitive. When thief starts the car, they can’t use the steering wheel. Isn’t that a good anti-theft method?
These mistakes are quite rare in the senior driver, because experience can teach you a lot. The senior driver knows the function of every button. However, when new driver encounters these things they would feel nerves. It’s one of those human experiences everyone must endure.
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