6 Things need to do after You Got a Car Accident

6 Things need to do after You Got a Car Accident

According to the report published by NHTSA’s (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) National Center for Statistics and Analysis, there were 6.1 million police-reported crashes in 2014. No one wants to run into a car crash. However, even the most careful drivers may get involved. When it happens, do not panic. Try to make the best out of the worst. Here are several things you need to do after a car crash.

1. Stay at the scene
Never leave the scene until it is appropriate to do it. If you leave and someone is get injuries or even killed in the accident, you will face serious criminal penalties as a hit-and-run driver.

2. Protect the scene
To prevent from further accident, you could set up flares or keep the flashers on.

3. Call the police
It is a good idea to call the police even if there is no serious injury or even death. Actually to file an insurance claim, you may need the police report.

4. Take accurate record of as much information as possible
I believe you have a camera equipped cell phone. Then take pictures of the scene and the cars in the accident. If you get injured, also make sure to take photograph of it. Remember to exchange information with all the occupants. Get the names, numbers, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, license plate numbers, and basic insurance information from all drivers involved. Do not forget the information of the passengers if there are.
If a police officer is present, ask for the police report number.

5. Report the accident to insurance company as soon as possible
Promptly inform your insurance company of the accident. Tell them the truth about your injury and the car damage.

6. Seek medical attention and note the treatment
In many cases the pain occurs several days after the accident. Even it is just a minor car collision, there may be injury to spinal cord or head. Hence please be 100% sure that there is not any injury from doctors. If you get medical treatment, remember to take note of it for insurance.

Talking about insurance claims, there is many unsettled ones regarding to car accidents. Sometimes there is no witness or proof to clarify the faults and responsibilities. This makes a car DVR a necessary automotive accessory. It can take the role of a reliable witness on the road.

People cannot anticipate what will happen in the future. But being careful could never be superfluous.

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