Is your car cleaning a thorough one?

Car cleaning also needs techniques. With some effective and efficient tips, you can make cleaning an easy and clear job. You are ensured to keep your car in tip top shape.
(NC)—Although Canadians have a reputation for being neat and tidy, focusing on cleanliness doesn’t appear to be a priority when it comes to our cars.
When compared to the amount of time spent cleaning the kitchen, vehicles are often a neglected source of dirt and grime. According to a survey conducted by Canadian Tire, almost half of Canadian drivers surveyed spend five to t hours a week preparing or eating a meal in the kitchen and 83% clean them regularly (more than once a week). But when it comes to vehicles, we spend an average of five hours a week in our vehicles, and one in five admit they don’t immediately clean food and drink spills, leaving them to attract bacteria.
So where are the dirtiest places in your car and how do you clean them?
“The surfaces touched most frequently, like the steering wheel and cup holder, are usually the dirtiest places inside your car,” said Melissa Honour, Canadian Tire’s expert on auto cleaning. “One of the best things car owners can do is clean these high use spots at least once a week. Many detailing products today not only contain antibacterial agents, but also add an anti-static barrier against moisture, dust, oxidation, staining and fading.”
A few more tips to keep in mind next time you tackle the inside of your ride:
* Start with clearing out the garbage, loose change and junk from inside your car. Wipe down the dashboard, consoles and door panels to remove surface stains, spills and debris.
* Use an auto-glass cleaner on your interior windows to improve visibility, removing film build-up and streaks. Using a regular household cleaner can damage the tint found on all car windows.
* For hard to reach places that cannot be easily vacuumed, try using a toothbrush to move the dirt to an accessible spot nearby and clean it up from there.
* With one in four Canadian drivers typically travelling with pets, deodorizing products like Autoglym Odor Eliminator are popular for keeping your vehicle smelling fresh.
* For leather seats, use a leather-specific cleaner on your car’s interior to gently remove dirt and stains and help keep leather pliable.