Car scratches! Don’t worry

It is sad and disturbing to find that your once beautiful and shiny car surface develops some chips or scratches. You feel sorry for your car. However, this is common and you can get rid of such scratches. As long as you master simple techniques for effective car scratch repair, it is certain you can restore its nice and flawless looking back. The process is straightforward and not too time consuming. A good level of commitment and some basic guidelines, you can perform the task yourself.
Small vs. big car scratch repair
The fact of the matter is that a number of car owners have found this secret to saving money on their car repairs. Instead of going in for professional car repairers to deal with the scratches, they are able to do it themselves without any hassle. Indeed the minor imperfections and scratches on the car can easily be done by car owners who are willing to do the job the right way. One of the very first things you have to appreciate is the fact that the touch up paint which is offered by auto dealers would not help solves the problem. This is especially the case when the scratch you want to repair can be seen from a distance.
You may come across some auto dealers who want to sell you touch up paint for your car scratch repair just after informing them of your problem. However this would not be of help if the scratch can be noticed from afar. You must not fall to this sales and marketing gimmick. This is because for your car scratch repair, the touch up paint would not blend well with the paint of your car and it would only lead to the creation of another blemish. All that you would be doing is just replacing the scratch with a gob of paint or an uneven blob which would be like the scratch. You have to know that the touch up paint is only used for the small scratches and nicks and nothing else. When you know this, you would appreciate the importance of getting a good paint for your car scratch repair.
In order to effectively do a car scratch repair, there is the need to first sandpaper the surface of the scratch. This must be done slowly to ensure that you are getting a smooth and smooth surface where the scratch was. When it comes to the deeper scratches, they must be sanded with dry sandpaper. After this you have to clean the area that is to be painted to take off all sand, debris and dust. This is done before the application of primer evenly. You would notice that the surface is now smooth and flat. The last thing would be the application of three coats of color over the area that is primed. Ensure that the car scratch repair job is finished off with the use of a clear coat.