The simple and easy tire changing can also goes wrong

Changing a car tire might seem like the simplest task, but if you are not equipped with the right amount of knowledge, then there is a high possibility that a lot of things can go wrong. If at the worst times, something as simple as changing a car tire could go wrong, then there is a high possibility that even such a simple task could actually create a lot of problem for you. Changing a car tire can definitely make a difference between life and the beyond, especially if you are stranded in a place that is absolutely remote and if you are a person who takes sci-fi movies way too seriously.
Hence, to make things simpler and easier for you, this particular article how to change a tire is written to ensure that you learn how to change a car tire easily without much trouble.
Having the right tools
Before you go about changing your car tire, it is a must that you always have the right tools handy. Make certain that you have a jack wrench and a T wrench in place. At all times, you must have a spare tire that is functional with enough air in it. Also, before you change your tire, it would be best if you move your car to a safe area to ensure that nothing unforeseen befalls you. Next, you would also have to activate the hand brake to ensure that the car doe not move, especially when one tire is out.
Loosen the bolts:
You would then have to remove the hub cap and loosen the bolts that secure the tire to the car’s body. Here, you would have to make certain that the bolts are not completely removed, rather just loosened to remove them later.
Raising your car
You would then have to use the jack wrench to raise the level of your car to help remove the tire easily. When you place the jack wrench, make it a point to place it on a sturdy level and that the platform of the wrench is placed directly under the areas that are specified on the wrench. Once the car is raised well enough, you would then have to use the T wrench and completely remove the bolts. Later remove the bolts and the tires from body and place it aside.
Fastening the bolts:
Next you would have to take the new spare tire and place it the same way the other was and fasten the bolts. While fastening the bolts, you would have to make certain that you do the first three rounds of the thread by hand to avoid wrong threading. Then lower the car off the jack wrench, remove the wrench from under the car and then tighten the bolts really well. Once the bolts are tightened, you could then go ahead and fix the hub caps back in place.
The most important aspect that you need to pay attention to while changing the car tire would be the actual fastening of the bolts. One wrong thread could be more disastrous than having a flat tire. Consider reading our review of tire ratings guide. Hope this how to change a tire was useful for you.