Sorting your car problems before meeting mechanics

A lot of people have a hard time getting mechanics to take them seriously when reporting car problems. Does your mechanic seem to talk over you, or try to convince you that you’re imagining problems? Even if your knowledge about cars is just about zilch, there are ways to cut to the chase and get the results you want.
1. Before you go in, call about the problem so that you can find out what kind of questions they’re likely to ask or what information they’ll need from you when you take your car in for its service.
2. Ask the service manager when is the best time to bring your car in so that you can have an unhurried chat about your vehicle.
3. Go over the problems with him and give him a written report of the problems.
4. If he doesn’t know what you are talking about, have him drive it around the block so that he can acknowledge and understand your concerns. Make notes on your list in his technical-speak to make sure you’re both on the same page.
5. Leave the list with him.
6. When you pick up your car, drive it around the block to check that all the problems have been solved and bring it back straight away if any of the problems persist.
7. If your car is new and you have persistent problems that the service dealer cannot fix, call up the factory and arrange for their service department to look at it.